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The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
I love hard boiled eggs; they are the perfect boost of protein when I need an extra boost of energy. I also enjoy hard boiled eggs post workout. My kids love hard boiled eggs as well. But just like me they only like perfect hard boiled eggs. Our definition of a perfect hard-boiled egg has no gray ring around the yolk and the yolk has been cooked through, so that it is a light yellow not an orange or dark yellow color. It’s also ideal that peeling the shell of is easy, especially if we are making deviled eggs. This is also perfect to pack in kids’ lunches or for a snack at school. Which reminds me, in the next few weeks I will be creating different recipes and tips for kids school lunches, since most kids are back in school now.
I like hard boiled eggs because the average hard-boiled egg only contains 78 calories and 6 grams of protein. Eggs are also high in vitamin B-12 which is important when eating a vegetarian diet.
1. Place eggs in a pot with cool water. Make sure the water covers the eggs and goes approximately 1-2 inches above the eggs.
2. Add one teaspoon of salt to the water. (This is an optional step but helps with the peeling process.)
3. Place pot on stovetop and turn heat on medium high. Bring eggs to a rapid boil. (This time will vary greatly depending on the size of the pot, for small batches of hardboiled eggs I use a deep sauce pan.) Once the water comes to a rapid boil let them boil for 1 minute. (You will have the perfect rapid boil when the eggs start dancing in the pan.)
4. Cover pan with lid, and turn off heat. Let eggs sit in the pan/pot for 15 minutes.
5. Drain hot water and run cool water over eggs for approximately 1 minute or until they are cool to the touch.
6. While cool water is running over eggs put 2-4 cups of ice in a large bowl and add cold water. Add one teaspoon of salt to ice water and then place the eggs in the ice water. Make sure ice water completely covers the eggs. Once eggs are completely cooled, peel and enjoy!


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