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Chocolate Nutty Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Nutty Banana Smoothie

So this recipe can be used as a snack or as breakfast smoothie. I typically make this smoothie for breakfast. I make this recipe with a scoop of whey protein on days that I feel I need more protein, such as days that I do weight training. And the protein is completely optional; it will taste great either way!
Chocolate Nutty Banana Smoothie
1 frozen banana
1 cup chocolate soy milk
1 tablespoon chocolate hazelnut spread
Scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder (Optional)
Combine Ingredients in Blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Notes: 1. If you forgot to freeze the banana ahead of time you can add a half cup of ice, however by adding the ice the texture will change and it won’t be as creamy.
2. I actually peeled the frozen banana the first time. It was way too cold to touch. So to use the frozen banana without pain, you can cut the peel off with a knife. Or peel the banana and put it zip lock bag, then put the banana in the freezer.
3. More and more companies are making chocolate and nut spreads. You can use your favorite or whatever you have on hand. I have used chocolate hazelnut spread, Trader Joes’ Chocolate Almond Spread, and I have used Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams. They all work great, so I am sure any nutty chocolaty blend will work.


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Sweet Jasmine Mint Tea

One of my favorite teas to enjoy during the summer. The jasmine and mint make the tea refreshing, perfect for hot summer days and barbeques. Sweet Jasmine Mint Tea Ingredients: 8 cups water 6-7 tea bags (black, breakfast, or dragon oolong tea works great) 2 teaspoons jasmine oolong loose tea (can substitute with one jasmine tea …

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