Chocolate Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Chocolate Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Today, (June 15) is National Ice Cream Day! It’s the perfect time to enjoy some ice cream! I recently made my own ice cream from scratch for the very first time! It was a little tricky, but I figured it out. My kids were very excited that we made ice cream ourselves. This recipe is fun for any time of the year and is very fun to do with kids. I will definitely be making more of this ice cream, it is so easy and it’s a fun summer activity with the family. Kids will have fun taking turns shaking the bag. You can also turn this into a science experiment and put some of the mixture in a freezer safe bowl and freeze it, to see the difference between the bowl and the bag. It is a simple science experiment of changing a liquid to a solid and it’s delicious!

Chocolate Birthday Cake Ice Cream

1 cup 2% milk (or whole milk)
1 heaping tablespoon chocolate frosting
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla (with no alcohol)
2 tablespoon sprinkles (optional, but it makes it more fun!)
¼ cup of brownie (crumpled)
7 cups ice
5 tablespoon salt
1 gallon size sealable bag
1 quart size sealable bag
2 oven mits (preferably with a silicone grip)

1. In a blender combine milk, frosting, vanilla, and sugar. Blend until thoroughly combined. Pour mixture into quart size bag. Add sprinkles and brownie crumbles and close bag.
2. In the gallon size bag add ice and salt. Then put the quart size bag in the gallon bag with ice. Close the bag with ice. Put on oven mits and begin shaking the bag. Shake the bag for ten minutes or until ice cream forms. (If ice cream doesn’t form put the bags in the freezer for 30 minutes or until if forms into ice cream.) Happy National Ice Cream Day, Enjoy!


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